Family Owned Since 1953

Greetings to General Devices' family, friends and valued Customers!

Turning 60 is always a significant event. In an age when many companies soar to billions in revenue and then fail within a few years, hitting this milestone is indeed a real achievement.

General Devices today has grown to be a larger, more dynamic company than the founders, Herb and Gladys Fall, ever dreamed. Today, General Devices is recognized as a leading supplier of telescoping slides – the original Chassis Trak – and precision sheet metal fabricators for the electronics, transportation, medical and communications industries. We serve the “who’s who” of American industry, and ship our products around the world. We believe in the quality and importance of building products in the USA and supporting the local workforce and our local communities. General Devices has a workforce of over 150 employees in 3 manufacturing plants on more than 300 acres. Clearly, we have come a long way from our modest beginnings of Herb and Gladys’s small garage.

General Devices is the story of families – our family and yours. General Devices is now headed by Herb and Gladys’s two sons: Max Fall, President and CEO, and Martin Fall, Executive Vice President. Continuing in the tradition of family, Max’s daughter Elizabeth and son Alex as well as Martin’s daughter Erika are all working to continue our tradition of excellence into the 21st century. As we continue into our 6th decade, we honor the many customers who have entrusted us with their business and we pay special tribute to the thousands of individuals – our fellow General Devices employees, our field representatives, our destributors, and all those who have contributed and continue to help make us a solid, vital manufacturing company .

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