Solid Bearing Slides

solidbearing_01.jpgThese are our most rugged and most cost effective slides for periodic maintenance applications. These dependable slides are your choice for mobile installations, harsh environments, or wherever shock and vibration is a factor. Our proprietary Poxylube dry film lubricant protects the slide from corrosion and allows for reduced push/pull force.

Solid Bearing slides are ideal for use in applications that require occasional cycling. We do require our solid bearing slides to pass load bearing cycle tests of at least 2500 cycles depending on the model.

Solid Bearing slides are used for:

  • Mobile applications
  • Shock and vibration applications
  • Harsh environments
  • Low - Moderate cycle applications
  • Equipment and instrumentation that requires infrequent or periodic checking and maintenance applications
  • Load ratings from 80 - 175 lbs. a pair


  • Moderate push-pull force of 20% to 25% of the typical load
  • Rugged and impact resistant
  • Quick disconnect for complete removal of equipment from the cabinet
  • Models to suit different mounting requirements
  • Roller Bearing models available for heavier loads
  • Wide selection of pivoting, non-pivoting, and shelf chassis options

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