Wireline Outside-Plant Mounting Posts

womp_01.jpgOSP Electronics Mini-Cabinet Mounting Posts are the newest innovation in captive cabinet mounting solutions. These rugged Wireline OSP Mounting Posts, or “WOMPs”, allow for quick and cost-effective installation of OSP Cabinets. They are simply buried with a gravel base. Wires feed up to through the aluminum post and through the steel transition mounting plate to the OSP cabinet. No concrete pad to pour and no large footprint! A great choice for remote and/or rural applications, the “WOMP” allows for flexibility in site locations and allows for the installation of various OSP electronic cabinets.

pdf_icon.pngClick HERE to download the W.O.M.Ps (Wireline Outside-Pant Mounting Posts) information sheet.


  • ¼” thick aluminum post to resist corrosion
  • 13 gauge steel mounting transition/platform fir strength and durability
  • Multiple mounting hole patterns come standard to fit a variety of cabinets
  • Transition platform can be customized to fit almost any cabinet
  • Cabinet weight load centered over post – unlike pole mount installations
  • Electronics are up off ground for safer, easier, and more comfortable access
  • Eliminates need for concrete mounting pads
  • Minimal site preparations and can be installed on unlevelled ground
  • Smaller right-of-way requirements

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BSI ISO 9001-2008 FM 80298 RoHS Compliant Available